Data Analytics

Intuidex offers government and commercial users the ability to overcome data overload, and the means to derive greater insight and actionable intelligence from investments in systems, data stores and infrastructure. Based on its open architecture and modular form, Intuidex Watchman Analytics™ avoids the ‘rip and replace’ approach for existing technology investments. Instead, ROI can begin almost immediately through a design that enables seamless integration with current applications and databases in a services oriented architecture, increasing organizational capabilities and maximizing infrastructure investments.

Core Capabilities

  • Information extraction: Distill actionable intelligence from multiple sources of structured and unstructured data — in near-real-time
  • Pattern discovery: Uncover and reveal latent and hidden patterns, trends and anomalies among disparate entities and information sources
  • Entity resolution and link analysis: identify concealed relationships between distinct separate entities and establish dependencies and connections that would otherwise be hidden
  • Predictive modeling: Predict future behaviors, events and patterns based on multiple sources of current and historical data
  • Leverage and exploit multiple structured and unstructured data sources to provide comprehensive decision making based on all the available data from diverse sources
  • Configurable ‘mix and match’ components that can installed/activated based on the vertical and demands of the business scenario. Vertical bundles of components are available for law enforcement, finance, defense and intelligence and fraud detection.
  • Identify patterns, behaviors or modus operandi and learn identity shifts or changes in these behaviors
  • Analyze, understand and model user behavior, and make recommendations based on dynamic user profile
  • Visualize analytics results in multiple visualization modalities including schema view, list view, charts, maps and link-analysis view or export to third party visualization tools
  • Secure, hardened credentialing assures information security and controlled access
  • Secure transmission of data between systems
  • Report and export back to multiple COTS reporting tools and technologies
  • Analytics engine and components that can be deployed ‘behind the curtain’ of existing data and applications in an organization
  • Developer-focused service-oriented architecture

Defense and Intelligence

In military planning and operations, the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of available information is paramount for the success of the mission. Similarly, in reconnaissance and intelligence operations, the ability to collect, consolidate and analyze complex multiple-format information streams is imperative in driving better decision making, often when lives are on the line. Intuidex Watchman Analytics™ platform enables military and intelligence operators to ingest, consolidate and analyze multiple diverse information streams; for example video, audio, radar, chatter, and textual data to facilitate peerless near-real-time analytics, common operational picture, and decision support. Intuidex technology components are in use by multiple customers, and have been shown to improve analyst efficiency by over a factor of six!

Public Safety

Due to the scale and complexity of the different types of public safety information that needs to be monitored, we have surpassed the point where just adding more ‘feet on the street’ or more ‘analysts in seats’ will enable critical information to be identified and processed . In that light, new analytics technologies enable law enforcement analysts to monitor and distil actionable intelligence from the information glut available to them. Furthermore, making sense of these disparate information sources sometimes must occur in real-time, when seconds count.

Intuidex has worked with a number of large law enforcement agencies and has developed repeatable solutions that automate the extraction, analysis and fusion of information to create actionable intelligence from multiple sources of data, including CAD/911, arrest, pawn, and ALPR.