Picosat Launch Updates

Intuidex + Quub Challenger Picosat Launches on SpaceX Transporter-3!

March 6, 2022 – By Intuidex


3/6/2022 – Joe Latrell, CEO of Quub, discusses the picosat launch, his thoughts on the space industry, their partnership with Intuidex, and much more – including an update on the current status of the Challenger Picosat – with Lancaster Online. Read the full article here!  

1/13/2022 – Watch the WFMZ News interview with our CSO, Justin Frank, here!

1/13/2022 – SpaceX Transporter-3 launches. Deployment of the Challenger Picosat at T+01:05:44 as part of FOSSA Pod 2!

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courtesy SpaceX Youtube channel